A wonderful project again, from Heidi Drewes as she takes us through part of the process. Thank you Heidi!

This is the inspiration photo from Pinterest, that was given to us to see if we could build a similar, rustic looking sink base for a laundry room we are working on in Bowling Green. One change in design was to make the bottom shelf raised, and cut out with holes to place dog food/water bowls into. Okay, I have my artistic design thinking cap on and know what needs to be done.

I see this piece all finished in my head, I know what supplies are needed and make a plan. To start off I have to make sure the end result looks old, gray and cool! Using new 2×6’s, preferably with some bark still showing on the ends…I roughen it up and distress it heavily, this is what the homeowners love in their decor. This will be “right front leg”.

It’s coming together, just a simple piece that will make a big statement in the compact laundry room. For the bulky brackets, I’ve taken 4×4’s and beveled them on the mitre saw, then made the staggered grooves on the front of them using the radial arm saw. These will hold the black iron gas pipe that will be the towel bar.

Finished! An old tabletop is placed on the top for picture taking. A wood countertop will be mounted once placed in to the home, and a drop in hammered nickel farm sink will be sunk into the top. The decorative board with the cutouts is actually a piece of our old barn that was destroyed in last June’s tornado. I jigsawed the same design into the old barn board as I did on the cupboards going into the same laundry room. All of the other pieces of wood to make this combination sink base/dog feeding stand, is new pine, distressed heavily and given a faux weathered barn board look using Old Village Paints, LTD.’s Gel Stains in #1408 Black and #1407 White.

Close up view. The original barn siding with decorative cutouts makes the piece even more unique, and the black and white stains mixed into various gray shades over the raw pine match up very nice with that old piece of our barn.

Set into its place in its new home. Thankful it fits like a glove. Nice shades of Gray using 1407 White and 1408 Black Old Village Gel Stains. Homeowners…and their dogs are happy! Next is to set wood counter tops and saw out a sink hole centered with window.