• Available in 25 natural wood colours, white and clear
  • Recommended for interior and exterior use
  • White and clear may be tinted with Old Village® Oil Colours as well as artists oils
  • Jelly consistency
  • Polyurethane reinforcement provides protection without the yellowing
  • Oil-base with mineral spirits cleanup
  • Superior ease of application, simply rub on with #000 or #0000 steel wool in the direction of grain and wipe off

Kitchen cabinets, paneling, furniture, wood decorative pieces, floors, etc. Darker colours can be sponged over to give a leather effect, or dry brushed for graining effects. Clear glaze can be used over any Old Village® Paint as a protective top coat. Clear and white paste can be tinted to create different colour glazes. One coat of paste stain provides a low-luster, hand-rubbed patina. subsequent coats provide greater depth of colour, greater surface protection and higher gloss. Gel stain can also be buffed or polished. White provides a beautiful bleached-wood or pickled effect.

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Stain & Glaze Colours:
1400 Clear, 1401 Walnut, 1402 Fruitwood, 1403 Pine, 1404 Mahogany, 1405 Cherry, 1407 White (Pickle Finish), 1408 Black (Antiquing), 1409 Heartland Oak, 1410 Heritage Maple, 1412 Sycamore, 1414 Antique Pine, 1415 Golden Oak, 1416 Colonial Fruitwood, 1417 Colonial Walnut, 1418 WM Penn Cherry, 1419 Deep Brown Mahogany, 1420 Brown Mahogany, 1421 Black Mahogany, 1422 Ebony, 1423 Savannah Cherry, 1424 Chestnut, 1425 Fireside Cherry, 1426 Old Village Cherry, 1427 Amish Pine