One of the oldest and most coulerful areas in the world is the southernmost portion of France known as Provence, facing the Mediterranean Sea. Old Village Paints invites you to experience Le Savoir Vivre des Francais ~ the flavor of French life. Our collection of “French” couleurs – as found throughout this European Region – will lift your spirits, as they did to inspire the famous Masters Picasso,

Van Gogh, and Cezanne, all of whom lived and painted here. The magnificent gardens of Provence contributed to our unusual collection. Also included are interesting couleurs from the well known Ochre Cliffs of Roussillon, a picturesque village in Provence. These Latex Water Base Paint Couleurs will take you wherever your imagination goes, indoors or out. They may also be mixed with white to create many lovely shades. We hope you have as much fun using these new and inspiring “Couleurs de Provence” as we did in finding and reproducing them. One last word, use good painting practices. Be sure the surface is clean. Sand lightly or prime if you are going over oil paint. Thin and clean up with water. Use a good brush, don’t hurry, and have a good time.

  • Satin Sheen Interior & Exterior 100% Acrylic Latex for all surfaces.
  • 12 Designer colours from the hills, valleys and gardens of Tuscany and Provence.
  • Soap and water clean up and thinning.
  • Excellent resistance to cracking and chipping.
  • Excellent wash-ability, adhesion & color retention.
  • Very High Pigment content providing superior one coat coverage.
  • The Binder is the same as our 1700 series Formula.
  • Many of these pigments are from the Ochre Cliffs of Roussillon.
  • Old Fashion production methods make these products the finest American made Paints.

All interior & exterior surfaces including masonry.


Provence Colours:
2101 Sunflower, 2102 Provence Yellow, 2103 Lavender, 2104 Midnight Blue, 2105 Royal Red, 2106 Pink, 2107 Sage Green, 2108 Green Fields, 2109 Cream, 2110 Ochre, 2111 Sienna, 2112 White, 2156 Shutter Blue