Colours de Provence & Tuscany (2100-2112)


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  • 12 Designer colours from the hills, valleys and gardens of Tuscany and Provence.
  • Breath taking and colorful Mediterranean areas of Europe.
  • Many of these pigments are from the Ochre Cliffs of Rousillon.
  • These areas inspired the Masters – VanGogh, Picasso & Cézanne.
  • Satin Sheen Interior & Exterior 100% Acrylic Latex for all surfaces.
  • Soap & water clean up and thinning.
  • Excellent resistance to cracking and chipping.
  • Excellent wash-ability, adhesion & colour retention.
  • Very High Pigment content providing superior one coat coverage.
  • The Binder is the same as our 1700 series Formula.
  • Old Fashion production methods make these products the finest American made Paints.

All interior & exterior surfaces including masonry.

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Provence Colours:
2101 Sunflower, 2102 Provence Yellow, 2103 Lavender, 2104 Midnight Blue, 2105 Royal Red, 2106 Pink, 2107 Sage Green, 2108 Green Fields, 2109 Cream, 2110 Ochre, 2111 Sienna, 2112 White

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