Wooden stockings look beautiful as home decor for the holidays, as these from Heidi Drewes show. She mentions that they are brighter in person. We are a society that is beholden to our respective cameras!

Hi Laney…well…I finally found some pics I had in my files, and my Anna sent me pics of two stockings she has down in Columbus, taken with her phone (but they didn’t come out bright and clear). I heightened the brightness and contrast on each one of these Christmas stocking pics using Gimp2 editing program, which I really like, however, I couldn’t open them up because they turn to xcf files…I’ve opened up pics before w no problem…maybe it’s just too late and I’m tired..you think? Anyway, the pics looked great when edited brighter with +contrast…darn! Can you save these pics and edit them? These stockings are about 20” long and the edges are kind of a pie crust edge, done with a Dremel. We don’t have to give the edges such a fancy treatment, they can be just sanded as smooth edges.