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The oldest paint and varnish makers in America Since 1816

AUTHENTIC COLOURS crafted by masters of 18th and 19th Century color fidelity - fifth generation paintmakers. The Old Village paint craftsmen create the authentic colors that simply cannot be matched by a mass production process or by guessing and mixing. Old Village Paints are of superb quality, using natural earth pigments from around the world, as well as the heartland of America.

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OLD VILLAGE PAINTS capture the charm and character of Colonial, Federal and Victorian periods. Perfect for furniture, walls, decorative accents, interior and exterior woodwork. Easy to use. Soft-sheen velvety finish. Old Village Paints are available in your choice of latex, oil-base, buttermilk formulations or paste stains. The Old Village Colour Craftsmen are honored with the opportunity to make paint for many of America's most distinguished institutions. Old Village Paints offer to the architect, decorator, and home owner a series of authentic colors representative of those used in colonial America. They are formulated for use either inside or outside, over a great variety of substrates. Hiding level, durability, and application properties of Old Village Paints are of the highest order.

Call 800-498-7687 to order Colour Cards
and Descriptive Literature for $5.00

$5 Refund when ordering our Color Cards online. More info...

Primers Are Available For All Old Village® Paints

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3 2-Oz jars of Buttermilk Paint = $14.40
3 4-Oz jars of Vintage Paint = $21.60
3 1/2 pint cans various glazes = $46.80
Colour cards and Li terature = $5.00
Total Value Worth - $87.80

Old Village® Buttermilk Goody Pack


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